AlmaLuna, LLC

Spanish Translation and Interpretation in Oregon and Beyond

High quality, certified Spanish-language conference, legal, and medical interpreting and translation. Based in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area and available for international travel and liaison work. Interpreting equipment available.

AlmaLuna, LLC is as committed to your and your clients’ satisfaction as you are. 

Language is more than words; language is meaning, which encompasses tone, register, and, of course, nuance.

Make sure your meaning is heard. 

AlmaLuna, LLC offers the following high-quality language services:

As a Certified Court Interpreter and Certified Medical Interpreter, Jessica Dover is an expert in all three styles or “modes” of interpretation - simultaneous, consecutive, sight interpretation (of written documents). With wireless interpreting equipment for up to ten participants, Jessica and AlmaLuna, LLC are committed to getting your message across as seamlessly and professionally as possible. With the ultimate goal being that the participants who received interpreted information leave as well-informed as those who did not, AlmaLuna, LLC believes strongly that being “ignored” is the best reward! Contact AlmaLuna, LLC today to book interpreting sessions.

While interpretation is spoken, translation is the written interpretation of meaning from one language into another. Jessica Dover and AlmaLuna, LLC offers high-quality English>Spanish/Spanish>English translation at competitive rates.
Contact AlmaLuna, LLC today with your project details to get a quote. 

Interpreter Coaching/Consulting
With over a decade of experience, Jessica Dover knows that interpreters face an array of situations not covered in the textbook. From strengthening the basics to tackling ethical quandaries, Jessica and AlmaLuna, LLC can help bring you/your interpreters to the next level. Contact AlmaLuna, LLC today to book interpreter coaching/consulting sessions.